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Fearless Sales Training

Selling in today's new economy requires more than pie-in-the-sky theories. You need practical sales information that works in the real world.

Selling is more challenging than ever before. Traditional off-the-shelf sales training programs simply don't work in today's tough economy. That's why you need Fearless Sales Training.

Kelley's Fearless Sales Training workshops are fully customized. That means he will develop content that is directly related to your specific situation and work environment. He will incorporate company-specific terminology and language that your sales team can relate to which means it will be relevant to your company.

He doesn't just give "how to" information, he also explains "why" these fearless sales training concepts and principles work. Participants will be engaged in a variety of discussions, activities, and hands-on opportunities. Everything is carefully designed to help them improve their sales skills and get better results.

Kelley uses plenty of real-life examples in his Fearless Sales Training workshops. Examples that demonstrate and show exactly how to apply the concepts in the real world. Plus, he shares personal stories of how other businesses have benefited from the sales training concepts he presents. These stories help people relate to the examples and teach them how to use the principles to improve their sales results.

Every Fearless Sales Training program can be adjusted to fit your time requirements. While full- or multi-day sessions generate better results, we recognize that many organizations simply cannot schedule this amount of time. We will discuss your most pressing needs and develop a Fearless Sales Training program that fits into the time you have available-from a few hours to several days.

Proven Results

Read a case study about how Kelley helped a client pressured with discounting.
Read a case study about how Kelley helped a client with inexperienced sales staff boost their sales by 20 percent.
Read a case study about how Kelley helped a client standardize their inconsistent selling techniques and improve sales.

Kelley's Fearless Sales Training Workshop Topics

Selling to the Customer from Hell
Secrets to Closing More Sales at Higher Profits
Harnessing the Power of Questions to Close More Deals

*If these programs don't suit your particular situation or if you want a workshop that focuses on a specific topic such as effective qualifying, handling objections, or sales presentations, simply tell us what you need and we'll create a program for you.

Negotiating with Confidence & Power

Contact Kelley today to find out how we can create a Fearless Sales Training program that addresses the challenges your specific business is experiencing. E-mail or call us at 905-633-7750


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