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Kelley Robertson: Sales Speaker

Kelley Robertson Sales Speaker One of the greatest challenges in hiring a speaker for your event is ensuring that the sales training content is relevant to your specific group and that the speaker gives attendees and participants tangible sales training tools they can use to improve their results.

Unlike some speakers, all of Kelley's sales presentations are tailored to reflect the challenges your specific business faces. He will take the time to learn the language of your individual business and use relevant examples to ensure your sales team can relate to the concepts presented.

Kelley's huge energy and enthusiasm will captivate and engage your sales team. His real-life sales stories and examples will entertain them while helping them learn how to incorporate the sales training principles into their daily routine. Plus, his warm, down-to-earth approach makes it easy for people to relate to his presentation.

Kelley's Speaking Programs

Selling in the New Economy

Today's business climate is more challenging than ever. And many sales-based organizations are struggling to meet their sales quotas. Find out what you can do to meet and exceed your sales targets even in the current economy. This sales presentation will outline;

  • The impact of maintaining a winner's attitude
  • Target networking and marketing
  • The power of one-single-action strategies to improve your results
  • Dealing with crazy price demands
  • Increase sales opportunities with existing customers
  • Effectively managing aggressive buyers
  • Improving proposals and presentations to generate higher sales
  • Reducing the risk factor for new prospects
  • Changing your qualifying questions to uncover buyer hesitations and concerns
  • Increasing productivity through strategic account management

Fearless Selling Made Easy

This dynamic and engaging sales presentation will show your sales team how to improve their sales results by applying a few simple strategies. Your group will discover how to;

  • Make a dynamic first impression with every prospect
  • Ask powerful questions versus feeble ones
  • Discover the key buying motivators of each prospect or customer
  • Adapt their presentation to ensure it address specific
  • Eliminate most objections including the dreaded price objection
  • Ask for the sale confidently and fearlessly
  • Differentiate themselves from their competition
  • Strategies for effective follow-up
  • Increase the size and scope of each sale
  • Close more sales at a higher price and with less discounting

Negotiate with Confidence & Power

Most sales people are required to negotiate but the vast majority of them do not negotiate as effectively as they could. As a result, they leave money on the bargaining table and miss valuable opportunities to increase their profitability. This presentation will show your team:

  • Common negotiating mistakes that cost you sales and profits
  • The myth about price
  • Negotiating tactics they can use immediately to improve their results
  • How to give in without giving away the farm
  • Key techniques to handle concessions
  • The power of information-how to get it, how to use it
  • How to recognize one tactic that costs you money
  • Strategies to increase leverage and power
  • The subtleties of using 'higher authority'
  • When it makes sense to walk away from a potential sales opportunity

Contact Kelley via phone at 905-633-7750 or email to discuss your next event.



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