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Audio Programs: Secrets to Overcoming Objections

Secrets to Overcoming Objections

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Everyone who sells a product or service encounters sales objections from time to time. And the majority of sales people I talk to are constantly looking for techniques to overcome these objections.

What’s particularly interesting is that many objections – including the dreaded price objection – can actually be prevented by applying a few simple sales training concepts.

During this recorded tele-class you will learn;

  • The most common myth surrounding objections

  • The difference between an objection and condition of sale

  • The best way to prevent many objections from occurring

  • What every customer or prospect wants to know

  • Key questions that will help you uncover your customer’s buying motives

  • The most important thing to focus on during the sales conversation

  • The power of empathy

  • Why you should clarify any objection you hear

  • Dealing with the price objection

  • How to find out what people really mean when they say, “You’re too expensive” or “I’ll think about it”

The sales concepts from this sales training tele-workshop will help you manage objections more effectively, prevent many objections from being expressed, and help you close more sales.

As a bonus, I'll include a copy of my eBook, "Sales Blunders that Cost You Money." This eBook outlines 15 sales mistakes that cost you money and it's free when you place your order.



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